From Fear to Fact

  • Running and facilitating startups is great fun!
  • Most times however, it is also a big, black box
  • More than half of all startups fail within 3 years!
  • A major waste of energy, resources and talent!
  • As an accelerator you have two goals: 'developing your investment' and 'getting a return on your investment’
  • But, what ventures are going to be a success and which will fail?
  • If only you could have a magic mirror to select them at the gate and to guide them to prospecrity…


Our Data Refinery SaaS  is a highly efficient AI based on our proprietary mathematical algorithms to predict early in the process whether ventures are likely to survive or not. The combination with our Analytics, Training and Research services, provides a proven path to decide to admit newbies to the program, to guide them forward and even to terminate them ....



Startup Project Europe™: not quite a crystal ball, but we come close…